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Alexis Neely

New Economy Finance Expert

Alexis Neely is a new economy personal finance expert who offers a new economy perspective for personal finance and business decisions. She graduated first in her class from Georgetown law and quickly scaled the ranks of "successful" entrepreneurship, has built four million dollar entrepreneurial endeavors, filed bankruptcy once, wrote a best-selling book, appeared on numerous top-rated television shows, and lives a new economy life in community with her ex-husband, kids and extended chosen family.

Alexis’s two current business ventures, New Law Business Model and Eyes Wide Open Life, both fully location independent, provide new economy business model consulting and implementation services to people who want to serve others deeply and make great money while they do it.

Alexis is based in Boulder, Colorado, but is location independent and travels frequently, attending and speaking at festivals and conferences, and her teams are also location-independent or “digital nomads” based mostly in the US and Canada.