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Melinda Woolf

TV Producer

With a background in entertainment as a producer of advertising and television, an independent filmmaker and as a brand consultant, Melinda loves imagining and visioning the 'what' is possible, as well as realizing real world practical solutions to challenges big and small.

Melinda spends her time designing and launching innovative brands, businesses, and platforms and creating media, including; television, films and radio, authoring and facilitating books, as well as teaching, speaking, and working with purpose-centered and cause-related clients.

An author, speaker and facilitator, Melinda is a contributing author in the global book project, 'The Wealth Garden,' and the creator and author of The Abundance Mastery Course and 'Awakening to Consciousness.' Read More about Melinda in 'The Wealth Garden.'

Melinda is the founder and CEO of VisionTalk™, and creator Peace Centered™ global service organization that works in conjunction with the United Nations in realizing solutions of Peace for All.

Melinda's project / client list includes: American Express, Hagan Daaz, ABC Television, Twentieth Century Television, to name a few. Project list includes launch of Desperate Housewives and the syndication launch of Malcolm in the Middle.

Recently, Melinda completed a MA in Spiritual Psychology, served as Dallas Chapter President and Los Angeles Chapter Vice President of the Women's National Book Association.

Specialties: Melinda is available for strategic and creative brand and identity development and coaching for purpose-centered and cause-related clients, as well speaking engagements and facilitating corporate and keynote events.

Executive Producer, Producer, Creative Director, Director, Brand Consultant, Strategy, Author, Speaker Facilitator, Host, Speaker, all around Creator and Visionary Imagineer