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Peta Kelly

Millennial Entrepreneur & Speaker

At just 24, Peta Kelly lives her life with the drive, focus, experience and vision of someone decades her senior.

Peta is on a mission to inspire and educate young Australians and to give them the ability, courage and freedom to dream big and think outside the limitations of ‘normal’ life, the space to realise they can design and create the life they want, and the skills, confidence, framework and support to make it happen.

Peta graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science and received first-class honours for her Masters degree thesis, which focused on Exercise Physiology/Appetite and Energy Intake, also at UWA.

This year, the Telstra Business Woman of the Year nominee launched Life By My Own Design, a one-of-a-kind program designed for young people to complement their formalised learning by equipping them with the skills and mindset to think differently about what a good and successful life means and how to translate it into reality.

Building on her experience in corporate health, as a personal trainer, public speaker, facilitator and in her previous business, Anatome Integrated Wellness; and inspired by her own vision to create better lives and futures for young people through a program that doesn't silo ‘wellness’ as purely a health or motivation issue, Peta created LBMOD to help young people design their lives through a simultaneous approach to mind, body, soul and wealth.

Part health, part wealth-building, and part empowerment, LBMOD is Peta’s vehicle for her own mission in life–to help young people who want more to look inside realise there is more to life than 9-5.

Peta is inspiring the up-and-coming generation to think harder not just about the kinds of lives they want to live, but also about their personal potential and the impact they can make, before giving them the framework to break free from expectations, to dream big, picture their ideal life, and then to go and get it.