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Raj Sundra

Founder & CEO, Transformance

Raj Sundra Founder and CEO of Transformance believes in the limitlessness of human potential and the ability of a company comprised of empowered employees to produce extraordinary results. He has crafted his consulting business into something unique – a service that combines the best of business practices with cutting edge personal development and performance methodologies.

Raj Sundra received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Educational Psychology from Cornell University in 1994. Raj developed much of his business expertise as head of product development and second in command at Speck Products – a leader in the iPod accessory market. Raj was an integral player in Speck Products moving from 3 employees and $0 in revenue in 2003, to 30 employees and an annual revenue of $22M in 2006. In 2006, Speck Products was ranked #41 in Inc. 500's fastest growing privately held companies.

Raj has been highly trained in the field of personal development with over 8 years as a participant and coach in one of the world’s leading personal growth companies – Landmark Education. Raj has taken what he has learned in the realm of personal development and applied it with an extremely high level of success in the world of business.

Raj is an avid athlete having played soccer at the semi-pro level and cross-country ski raced at the national level. He currently resides in Santa Barbara with his lovely wife, Gabrielle.