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This movie was truly inspirational and empowering…thank you!


This movie was the most fantastic, deeply moving, extraordinary movie I’ve seen and it has touched my heart…

Helena Sa

Tears and chills throughout this movie.

Dustin L Walsh

Thank you for this amazing film. So incredibly inspiring.


This movie made me cry with joy.

Sol Metta

Totally inspired!

Maureen Shillington

Thank you for kindling hope in my heart. I needed that. I needed that now.


I can feel my life changing.


This movie should be distributed in every school of all countries!

Rosamaria Navarro

This movie is brilliant, moving, timely, & inspiring.

Dori Cocoros

This is by far one of the best films I have ever seen. Very inspirational, loved every minute of it. Thank you!

Terry Moore

Thank you. Amazing feature. I want to share it with everyone.


WeRiseUP was very inspirational and brought me to tears.

Maria Huivenaar

You nailed it. No one can walk away from this film not feeling that there is something they can do to create change.

Carol Delk

I spent the first half hour overwhelmed with hope and gratitude. I spent the second half sending the link out to everyone I could think of, including the local city council resource team.


Absolutely beautiful. It is educational, inspirational and motivational.

Rita Lease

I cried in love.

Terrell Anansi

Thank you! A very encouraging and inspiring movie of hope. It needs to be seen by everyone on the planet.


Beautiful! Inspired. Insightful. Wise. Poignant.

Kimberly Semrad

Absolutely AWESOME, thank you so much for showing the stunning beauty, resilience, creativity and necessity of our diversity.

Maui Crone

This is by far one of the best films I have ever seen. It was so enlightening and so real.

Diana Marie Pablo

Thank you for the hope and unifying film! There is so much division, anger and hate among us it’s refreshing and reassuring to feel solidarity. I rise up for freedom, love and peaceful resolutions.


I have tears in my eyes. I feel having the power to Rise Up for the other people for our World. We, not only Me.


Profound gratitude for this inspiring movie!


Great people, great message, great job. This is something that is really needed these times.


A wonderfully inspiring and motivating movie.


I don’t know if it was because I was in my PJs, but I just cried and cried. I want this to be no.1 on Netflix.


Wonderful, inspiring and uplifting.

Dara Benjamin

I am absolutely amazed with every message in the movie. This movie is not only beautiful and well realised, but life saving.

Claudia Batista

Absolutely beautiful. It is educational, inspirational and motivational. It gives me hope and it makes me want to be a better person.

Rita Lease

This was an absolutely uplifting and inspiring movie, that everyone on the planet should see!

Valerie Jarvis

A wonderful, positive road map for success.


Absolutely fabulous presentation. It hits you right there in the heart and gives you that energy, that push and that eagerness to rise up.

Bharat Josh

A beautiful movie of beautiful people saying the things that EVERYONE should hear everyday on mainstream media to engage the general public.

Laurie Ross

Thank you so much for such an inspiring movie…

Jigme Jamtsho

Thanks so much for creating such an inspirational and awesome movie. Looking forward to the next one.


WeRiseUp is truly inspiring and very informative.


A wonderful platform…to seek lasting solutions to the world's problems, let’s rise up.

Mulema Joseph

Thank you so much, great work with concepts of courage, hope and happiness.


We rise UP !!!

Viktor Becsei

Love this movie! We can do this together and rise up…!

Tessa Dorta

This was powerful, thank you! I rise up to find my unique gift and to share it with the world.


Watching this Rise Up movie is a timely reminder…I am grateful for this reminder and for the inspiration to rise up to being my own best practice, to offer what it is that I can.

Monika Andrews

Thank you for such an inspiring Movie. I Rise Up to remind people of the unique gift they have within. To remind people that we are connected. To remind people that Love is all there is.


Truly inspiring and motivating. Let’s go! And ripple our individual and collective passions/gifts to meet the present…


Omg my heart is racing so fast. I’m soooooo excited!!! This movie was the most fantastic deep moving extraordinary movie I've seen and it touched my heart on another level!!!

Helena Sa

THANK YOU for inspiring HOPE 💚

Lisa Armstrong-Roepke

Wow!! I am amazed by such a beautiful work. I hope that it can be shared with more people, so we can all together help each other to Rise Up. Thank you!


That was truly amazing and inspiring. Can you possibly get CNN to air this as a special?


This was very inspirational and brought me to tears.

Maria Huivenaar

I would love to be part of this journey. To rise up together. Thank you.


I rise up to global peace and love and UNITY.

Debbie Walsh

BEAUTIFUL, both visually and in spirit.


I rise up to spread love and unite the youth as an empowered community to become the greatest leaders to change the world positively!!


Awesome and truly inspiring, brings hope..!.Thank you so much..!!! Prayers for Barbara and Sean.


As a Christian, I pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. THANK YOU for giving me a pretaste of what heaven on earth might look like. So many of us have been eagerly awaiting this moment in time, consciously or not. Thank you for using your gift in filmmaking to put the dream into words and faces. Indeed let us all rise up to this challenge.

Penny Papadimitriou

Thank you for creating a ripple of palpable hope.


Together we rise up, together we create a new future.

Marius Kotze

Yes we rise up together! Thank you all for creating this amazing film! Prince Ea was wonderful too, thank you Prince for your passionate, inspiring, and wise words.


Thank you for such an inspiring message. I rise up for a better, healthful environment for everybody.

Ada P

Very inspiring – thank you 🙏

Sally Peace

Thank You for this gift of enlightenment. Your film has allowed me to see that there is no excuse for sitting on the sidelines. I know now I am capable of making a difference in the world and it doesn’t require me to be a millionaire to be a beacon of light to the world beyond where I stand. Thank you to those who dedicated your hearts and souls to this film.

Maria Plaitis Mendez

Wonderful inspiring film! I get very excited to do more with my gifts than what I already do! Love this!


A profound THANK YOU to every being who made this movie possible. Daniel Schmanchtenberger particularly stood out for me, putting in clear words what I have been feeling since I was a child. Blessings and prayers that more and more humans RISE UP.

Lucie Lamontagne

Great many thanks for this invaluable documentary. Answering the last question, I dare say: “I rise up to help people connect with their true gifts and purpose. Together we can make life on this planet endure in beauty for thousands and thousands of years.”

Ingrid Drafta

Thanks you all for putting this together. How can we best share this movie?

Kendra Starr

This film is done so beautifully! This film needs to be seen by the world! Change is here and my unique gifts and talents are a catalyst for that change! We can do this! We RISE up together!

Shannon Willow

Thank you for making such an inspiring film to overcome the doom and gloom being sent out by the media–we all have to rise up first within ourselves and then collectively to be the change we want in the world. With gratitude to you all…and a special memory of Barbara Marx Hubbard who is missed as we go forward.

Beth Goodson

I feel part of this new world and watched this film with the feeling that we all do it together.

Erica Egelie

The graphics were beautiful and complimented the message. Such a lovely addition.


I loved images of Mother Nature, and also the caterpillar´s metamorphosis GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS !!!

Make Alvarez Errecalde

The whole idea of We Rise Up is indeed very inspiring! Together we can make it happen!


This extraordinary film nourishes the soul, teaching us all to rise up to a new reality in service of the planet and the human race. Thank you so much for all your effort and contribution to the world!

Maritza Henriquez

Thank you so much for this inspiring movie. I feel confirmed in the way I am living, being for service even in the very small ways, serving plants and animals … the people I meet, the people I live with. Love — LOVE — !!!

Dorte Sukavi

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I rise up for writing a new story.

Susan Setteducato

So inspiring !!! Thank you so much!🙏🏽❤️


I want to be part of the new movement. I will rise up for it.

Geny Vasquez

Thank you all so much for your inspirational messages to help us to rise up, so that we too see/ hear / feel possibilities of helping be part of and create a wonderful future for all.


Thank you for creating and offering this movie to us. So many inspiring messages and examples of people who are living the messages. I’ll be sharing it widely. As a 63 year old I have been wondering “what’s next ” …and then the link to this video came my way! Timely 😉


How, what & Where can I start? Is how I felt about this movie.. xoxo


I am so happy and grateful to watch this…amazing and powerful movie.

John Baptist Kaku

We Rise Up Together🙏🏼💖✨ My heart and soul is deeply touch by this divinely inspiring movie.

Marieke Leliveld

Estará disponible en idioma Español? Muchas gracias!


It gives hope that we really have a chance! Deeply grateful, thank you so so much!! Please show this video masterpiece to as many people as possible, it is so impactful and important!


What an inspiring movie.


This was a beautiful movie. I really appreciate it. Yes rise up we will!!

Keisha Bedward

So much gratitude for this movie. I wish the whole world to watch it and feel the energy of Rise Up.

Kara Keating

Thank you for making this extraordinary Film, with these amazing people, to create sensibility among each other. so we become aware that following our passions and sharing our gifts and personal skills with others, is the best way to change our world, our reality, so we can enjoy life to its fullest.

Enrique Ochoa

Beautiful work! I rise up for kindness and helping people to fulfill their potential.

Suzanne Little

Thank you for the inspiring stories of others who are rising up. I rise up for loving the planet and the universe and everything within it. Let’s all be a part of creating an awesome future!


Brilliant! So inspiring! Thanks to all of you!


Perfectly beautiful…

Judith McNelis

The timing is perfect!

Carla Langmead

Absolutely fabulous presentation . It hits you right there in the heart and gives you that energy, that push and that eagerness to rise up.

Bharat Joshi

Really it is a fantastic and wonderful movie…awesome !!!

Md. Abdul Malek

Daniel Schmachtenberger sums up the depth of fundamental power we each have. Thank you for inviting the questions and the call to embrace our greater selves.


Incredible movie, so educative, inspiring!

Jerome Foupouagnigni

Such an inspiring and beautiful movie. This needs to be spread across the entire world.

Kira Hosoi

Such an inspirational movie my thoughts …. Can this be made available to everyone especially schools 🙏 Thank you for making this movie ❤️

Caragh Hosoi

Such an inspirational movie.

Ninette Sandberg

Inspirational movie, sowing seeds for our future. I envision this movie reaching all the children, young people, and those around the World who are seeking hope, and awakening to their true potential.

Pamela Collard

Thank you so much for the gift of this movie!! I rise up so we can all rise up and live in peace and harmony! I love the butterfly example so much! So powerful!


Thank you so much, this is a beautiful thing you did. You’ve touched my heart. I rise up for change in the hearts and minds of all of us. Together.

Gordana Vitanović

Beautiful message. Wonderfully inspiring!!!!!!


Thank you for this beautiful & inspiring documentary.

Virginie Sourou

Thank you for this beautifully inspiring film. Thank you for helping us see the big picture and how we can each contribute our talents to help create the future we want for all of us on the planet.

Chantal Larose

Wonderful! Very inspiring!


Amazing movie and so needed at this time!! Everyone stood out to me… Inspirational.


Beautifully inspiring movie, thank you!


Thank you for kindling hope in my heart. I needed that. I needed that now.