Volume 1, Issue 2
Volume 1, Issue 2

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Nourish Yourself and Nurture the World

BY Charlie Stuart Gay
Daniella Hunter and her husband Charlie Stuart Gay are the founders of Real Coconut Kitchens, SANA Foods, the boutique wellness hotel brand, Sanara Tulum. Daniella has an embracing lifestyle brand, By Daniella Hunter. She is constantly working to ensure that her restaurants, recipes, and products encompass her philosophy for sustainable eating and living: to support ourselves, while also caring for the planet. They split their time between Tulum and Los Angeles
All it took was a friend saying, “Say hello to Charlie for me. We went to school together at the University of Santa Monica. Tell him I’m still doing the work, helping and healing myself and others.” Charlie Stuart Gay believes the universe is conspiring to bring the healers and, what he calls, “activators” together for a mission bigger than us—saving the human species by caring for our bodies and the planet we share. You will believe this is the only path too and be inspired to take action the minute you hear his beat-poet voice speaking in a rhythm and mesmerizing tone about human potential and next action steps. He walked straight up to me in Tulum, Mexico where I was oohing and ahhing over the vegan and gluten-free breakfast at The Real Coconut, the groovy, clear-energy beachside restaurant he owns with his wife and co-activator, Daniella Hunter. I never had to find him. He found me and instantly began a poet’s diatribe, sharing a profound amount of powerful information, right then and there, tableside. He said “I already know you. You are here for a reason.” I believe him. You will too and this is one time suspension of disbelief is not just a helpful tool, but a necessity.

Here are some words from Charlie Stuart Gay soothsayer about why he and Daniella are getting to work in life, splitting the coconut and spreading the good news and options as powerfully and as fast as they can.

“‘What If?’ a creator comes together with a connector in the middle of the road of their lives; they fall in love, and then set about how we all can act differently around food, water and even living environments.

What if the creator had collapsed lungs as a teenager, but learned in the crisis of her life to ask deep personal questions around how to be alive, how to give herself conscious care and nutrition. What if the creator, who had done the opposite to what everyone had advised her, became a scuba instructor in Sinai, met the connector and they fell in love in post-war Liberia fields— where the connector is supporting the first ever woman President in Africa bringing empowerment to the women of Liberia. This connector had already had his own “What If” questions propelling him in his 20’s through a concert-promoting world from the UK to Australia— to be sponsored to Los Angeles by CHER to manage— and then to being executive director of a land mine detection NGO with Nelson Mandela and his wife as its patrons.

Lovers throughout time have often asked, “where shall we live to best create a new life together?” What if at the turn of the Mayan Calendar, these lovers find themselves in a Yucatán Jungle and say, “What If we move here.” They did move— ten days later, and mystery and magic has shown up ever since for them—and really for all who encounter them.

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The world sees creators for what they have created: the invention, the business, the movie, the song. Yet, creative genius can only be propelled by divine inspiration.
Daniella Hunter, the creator, and her husband, partner, essential support, Charlie Stuart Gay are now driven to create and connect as many people on our planet through a series of over arching “What If” Questions with everything connecting through food, water and living environments.

It is what has created their international gluten, grain and dairy free food brand SANA foods curated by their Real Coconut Kitchens, now in over 5,000 stores across the States and Canada, and their Real Coconut Conscious Kitchen— with more restaurants to come birthed from its prime location in Mexico, now also open in Malibu. Daniella’s cook book, “Nourish Ourselves and Nurture Our World,” is exactly what occurs when you follow her food philosophies for yourself as you automatically support the economy and honor small farmers all over the world.

“What if?” started in Tulum with a school opening for some of their 5 children and other converging international children and grew with the birthing in 2014 of Sanara Hotel on the Tulum beach. It is a sanctuary that attracts people of like minds and energy who then meet and fall in love with everything that Daniella and Charlie create.

“There was a day when our hotel architects said how did we want the kitchen built?” says Daniella, “and we didn’t have a chef to design a menu, so I did it myself.” Daniella conceived her first Real Coconut menu at Sanara around her nutrition understanding, including how important a coconut is(see list below for some of its myriad uses,) making over thirty products in its mature state. Now Daniella is considered a global pioneer in alternative flour healthy recipes and insists with no compromise to only use low impact grain free crops like coconut, plantain, yucca and hemp that require little irrigated water.

Photo Credit- Courtesy The real Coconut
These three fundamental “What If” questions challenge Charlie and Daniella. “Being awake to these questions and experiencing how our planet is being challenged by our lack of care for it, gives us our clarity and direction for what we are expanding into.”

1.What if we do not practice… HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE LIVING FOR OURSELVES & OUR LANDS? How do we feed 10 billion by 2050?

2.What if we ignore… THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR OCEANS & ATMOSPHERE? Sea algae is solely responsible for 50-85% of EVERY breath. What if unseen fertilizers, toxins and micro plastic silently suffocates our ability to breath, whilst fresh water at the same time becomes increasingly scarce due to our climate reacting to our ignorance. As amazing activators Charlie and Daniella seek to Influence us all as we question…

3.WHAT IF THERE IS NOTHING MORE EXPENSIVE THAN IGNORANCE? Charlie and Daniella are leading the charge towards solutions. They are activators, examples of human potential in action and being of service. Here is a “What if” we can all answer with our individual footsteps and choices-and WHAT IF WE ACTIVATE OUR QUESTIONS INTO PROJECTS, AS WE INFLUENCE THE HEALTH OF EACH OTHER & HEAL OUR PLANET?

1. Coconut meat, pressed, makes oil and cream and from cream makes milk.
2. Milk to cheese. The leftover pulp from pressing is ground to make flour.
3. Tap coconut palms to get coconut nectar, then to coconut sugar, and also coconut vinegar and aminos.
4. The outside shell of coconut makes activated charcoal.
5. The husk (coir) is used as fertilizer, mulch and can make mats and ropes.
6. Endless products from cream/milk and flour.
Photo Credit - Anna Kin