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The Vibration of Nanobionic


What does it mean to be a visionary? A visionary, by Webster’s definition, is, “having or marked by foresight and imagination.” Visionaries are leaders. They are doers. George and Ermis Psipsikas are visionaries. As young athletes, raised in Greece, they strove to be the best they could be, to do the right thing—to eat right, to play fair, to excel, to thrive. As visionaries, they have taken their prowess in athleticism merged with science and tech to make a difference, to give back. Creating the proprietary material Nanobionic, they have made not just a consumer product, but a gift within the wellness realm that we all need now more than ever.

“We always had a passion for health and wellness,” George  explains in earnest.  “It started like a hobby. Our initial goal was to improve athletic performance in a natural way. The fastest way is to improve blood flow. The only way to do that naturally is massage and far infrared. First NASA, and then the medical world got on board. There was nothing in apparel yet. This is where this started. A natural way to use your body’s energy and turn it into far infrared.”  Working with scientists, mainly in Italy and France, they worked for 2 years to find the best blend of minerals.  The first product was a tshirt to increase athletic performance. Pro athletes and the first pro football team in Greece picked it up. From tennis to basketball, Nanobionic became the official sponsors of many teams in Europe as well as Russia. George explains, “That gave us the capital to fund scientific studies to prove benefits. Now many studies have been published.  Nanobionic increases athletic performance. The stimulation of blood flow also has been proven to improve sleep, reduce free radicals and increase circulation for Raynaud’s syndrome.” For instance, heat activates the coating on the back side of leather created for cars which helps with disinfection to self-sanitize the seats, steering wheel, anything touched. Imagine the use of this to help people take mass transit safely. The material disinfects itself within 30 minutes without extra cost or liquids and reduces the spread of viruses. We’ve all seen the damage tech can do to our systems, but the truth is tech can also transform. Apparel, bedding, mattresses, automobiles, “one thing led to another, one study led to the next one. Doctor’s were encouraging us.” 

What is right on the horizon for this duo? The dream of George and Ermis is to see Nanobionic in every house and in multiple industries. “We are not in the product business. We see this as a wellness technology. Nanobionic is a material science company with the mission to improve people’s lives and well-being and make things a little bit better for everyone.” They also have a heat version. They are years ahead of the curve. This proprietary coating can be applied in so many ways. It is coming at the perfect time, when the general public is tending toward wellness. Plant-based diets, for instance, are part of this movement. People know they need to be healthy from the inside out if they want to be living a full life and to be ready to be of service to others. As Nanobionic grows in the apparel industry, it can be available to everyone without the pressure to change one’s lifestyle choices. It’s additive and will be accessible. “The timing for wellness benefits for apparel and bedding is impeccable.

“We need a stress-relief product. Wherever the fabric is placed, local blood circulation is improved naturally. Technology can transform your health and wellness. People can optimize the way they train, recover and sleep.”

What’s on their bedside?: “Loonshots,” Safit Bahal.

What’s on their playlist?: George says it is a mix, “Happy pop music, mornings we listen to classical, driving, we tune in to pop, and evenings it’s rock and roll or jazz!”

What would you be if not saving the world: “I’ve been trying to find out myself, but I think I would always be an entrepreneur.”

The Psipsikas brothers were seekers from birth. Covid slowed their production, but their line which is now sold out in Europe, is on the way to the American consumer. Get ready to enhance your energy. With Nanobionic, tech goes tactile. It becomes alive in a very literal way as it is worn and experienced. Partnering with brands that are high end as well as affordable is their next move. Keep your eye out for their athletic wear launching in America this summer and get ready to run well, sleep well, play nice, excel and thrive with these two visionaries leading the way. Good vibrations all-round.