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Invest in Happiness

BY olivia daane
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Olivia Q. Daane has served as the Editor of Elevated Luxury Life magazine and has worked extensively as a freelance writer with her writing being featured in Aspen Luxury Life, Elevated Luxury Life, Aspen Real Life, Opera Gallery art books and has recently co-authored and published “Power Lines” with Anthony Haden-Guest. Her featured subjects include Train, Steven Soderbergh, Lukas Nelson, Michael Franti, Tom Morello and Astro-physicist Lawrence Krauss. In addition, she is a painter (known for her butterfly series begun in 2008), art consultant and has over 15 years of successful brand management, gallery ownership and representation of her visual mediums including current representation in Opera Gallery, Aspen. Olivia’s niche is building content that can make a difference; sharing the incredible stories of people at the pinnacle or on their way within their lives and pursuits.
Do you have some Vuori on right now? You will soon. Vuori is the fast-growing, sport and loungewear brand that will change your attitude, up your stats, while looking and feeling so good, you won’t believe it is serious performance apparel. Vuori proclaims they are, “breaking down the boundaries of activewear” with a declared motto of an “Investment in Happiness.” Put to the test of yoga, gym, tennis, run, repeat and relax, it is, without a doubt, the best-made, softest, durable and good-looking apparel around and, even sports an affordable price tag.

Their company slogans proclaim, “an integration of fitness, surf, sport and art.” It will serve you well whether an artist, avid skier or tennis player, on miles of trails in both summer and snow and even finding a balance in yoga studios at any altitude. The eco-conscious materials of the tag, attached by string versus plastic, are a sign of attention to sustainability detail which is consistent across-the-board.
Photo Credit- Courtesy Vuori
" Vouri means “mountain” in Finnish, and for founder and Ceo, Joe Kudla, and his team—it is all about making you feel like that next peak is yours, from the vantage of the one you just conquered."
A brand born in Encinitas, California, it feels just like the perfect mix of surf and sand meets excel and perform. They are committed to 80% sustainable materials by 2022. This year, 50% of Vuori products are made with high-quality sustainable materials: REPREVE polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, ECONYL nylon made from recycled nylon fishing nets and other nylon waste, and certified organic cotton, grown in clean, healthy soil. They have made real partners of Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, Unifi & U Trust Recycle Verification and California’s Prop 65, to name a few. Vuori works with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of their carbon footprint and Cleanhub and Renewal Workshop to both eliminate 80% of plastics, and offset the remaining plastic footprint by repurposing and renewing. This is a brand that stays true to their love of oceans and keeping them clean.
Photo Credit- Courtesy Vuori
If Vuori can do it, we all can. In a day and age of shopping while reading the news, it’s a great feeling to know your choices are not just adding to the problems in bold headlines. This company has not traded its ethics for success, it has used them as its foundation and fibre. Good karma—it is thriving, excelling, and selling like hotcakes as a brand, while it cheers on the wearer to do the same. Put it on and find a new spring in your step, an infectious smile appears and your chin is a bit higher: all of which help with athletic performance and life in general. It’s like the way it feels catching the wave or the second wind or after the long-distance run, that new haircut. Vuori is a treat to oneself, a reward for what you have just accomplished, and an energizer to start that next challenge. It is even easy on a plane ride, without feeling sloppy, and perfect for a rainy day writing, with a view overlooking the water it helps to protect.
Photo Credit- Courtesy Vuori