So iLL- Make Each Footstep Count. Climbing the World Clean with Jason Momoa


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? It’s Aquaman! That’s just Jason Momoa stealing our hearts again as he joins forces with So iLL creating a brand of climbing gear and street wear that we can slip into with a clean conscience.  Momoa’s line of climbing gear, shoes and totes has a seductive palette and  a high vibration coming from a pure fabrication process. A beautiful means to a beautiful Unity Purple and Yaya Lavender end.

BLOOM resin and Eco Pure are materials made from algae that clean the water and air and biodegrade naturally.

Pink Dirt Bag Large Momoa

Fall 2020, they kicked it up a notch and released the Eco Camo Collection (along with the Pounamu Green Winos). The materials (outer and lining in the Eco Camo bags as well as shoe upper materials) in this collection are made from recycled plastic. Both shoe models in this collection, and all the lifestyle shoe models in the On The Roam collection, contain insoles made from 30% BLOOM resin made from algae. These are alternatives to synthetic and petrochemical EVA foams. The outsole contains Eco Pure which helps rubber biodegrade faster when reacting with microbes in landfills. So now, all you have to do is look good wearing them to do your part with the most “down-to-saving-the-earth” super-hero we know to help clean up the planet one good-looking footstep at a time.

On The Roam Camo
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