The Four Stages to Inspire Yourself to Have Success in Your Life by Michael Bernard Beckwith
| Published on 03/18/2016


Let me share some development and unfoldment with you. You can open up your mind, and you can have it all. Surrender your life to the presence.




Many people in the world are living in stage one; that is they feel victimized by the world circumstances, situations, people, places, things, conditions. They either think God is doing something to them or the devil. If they’ve gone to college, they think it is their parents.




You begin to learn that we have thoughts, and those thoughts have a tendency to manifest. You can begin to use spiritual and universal laws to stabilize the structures in your life, meaning your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your financial body, your relationship body. In stage two, you begin to learn about oneness. So all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

The victim is coming out of the victim stage. It is giving up blame and shame. You begin to move into the manifestation realm by practicing manifestation. You're giving up more control because you have a greater awareness that everything really is working together for your good, because there's nothing outside of this presence of life and of love, and of beauty.


“Let beauty, let go, let joy, let go, and let God.”   
- Michael Beckwith




You begin to become aware that this presence is for you and not against you. There's a yielding that takes place, a surrender, a letting go, an allowing. You're no longer trying to make anything happen. It's already happening in the universal presence. So, under the right condition, we allow it to unfold.  Let beauty, let go, let joy, let go, and let God.

All spiritual growth is letting go. Time becomes timeless. You’re outside of time because everything that is real- love, peace, joy, wisdom, harmony- they are timeless.



This is a state of being where we come to a great awareness, incrementally or dramatically. It lasts for a period of time where we have the realization that our life really is the life of God. You might have a moment of insight of becoming an extemporal beings. You become out of time, and this awareness takes over your life. And you learn how to stabilize that state by going back to metaphysical principles and practices that have crept into your life through spiritual practice.
You've had a moment where you’re aware that you’re at one with life, beauty, love, with everyone. There's no separation whatsoever. So the innermost God and the outermost God is the same God. But our energy is enthrust externally. It's more internal having a realization of our oneness with this presence and that personal sense of separation begins to dissolve.


“You're not telling the universal law what you want. You're asking, what's trying to emerge?”
- Michael Beckwith



You're seeing it. You're feeling it. You're using the imaginal realm for a very positive and life affirming thing. It's beautiful. It’s a beautiful stage. Visioning is in stage three. For envisioning, you're not telling the universal law what you want. You're asking, what's trying to emerge?


So we’re going to go through a vision process and the questions that we are going to use are: What is the universe’s idea of my life as success? What does that look like? Then we are going to ask: What must I become in order to embody that idea or that vision? And as you’re beginning to feel into that, as it's articulating itself through us, we ask, “What must I become in order for this to manifest?”


Kate Maloney

Kate Maloney holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctoral Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Applications. She has applied her formal training to the areas of business development as an entrepreneur, organizational psychologist, executive consultant and author. Kate has founded and invested in over a dozen technology companies over the last seven years. She was featured in a recent issue of Inc. Magazine profiling the top entrepreneurs in Boulder, Colorado. She organized the Success 3.0 Summit along with Summit founders John Mackey, Michael Beckwith and Ken Wilber as a platform for thought leaders such as Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, the Dalai Lama, Alanis Morissette and many others to convene to create social impact and change. Recently, she has continued to evolve this work to develop RiseUP The Movie (and the movement!).
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