Lori Harder suggests 3 steps to ignite success
| Published on 04/30/2016

Lori Harder truly believes that a new model of success is finding happiness and learning in the process. She believes that success comes when we follow our feelings, when we are really in tune with what makes us joyful and happy. Even if it is something like music or salsa dancing, success comes from asking, “How could that possibly connect me with my purpose?” Sometimes, we go down that road and doors open and things change in us that shift to really expand our minds and get us into a different zone.


In her words, Lori expresses three ways to ignite success in your life to RiseUP:




Start by doing things outside of your comfort zone, outside of that bubble, outside of your paradigm. This can really start opening doors. Then all of a sudden you feel pulled here or you meet someone over there that connects you to something that could monetize your idea.




When we share our ideas, we can elevate each other. We become our happiest and we can stop just thinking about our own paradigm.


“When you feel good, you do good.”




Part of success is learning how to help others. How could you help someone who is looking to monetize something they are passionate about? So truly for me, that was why I started helping guide people down the road of what’s their first step or curiosity. What could really start to get their voice out? A lot of us are so afraid going in the direction of our soul’s path. We might not be accepted or loved.


When you feel good, you do good. Following what makes you feel good allows it to expand your creative capacity. Inevitably, asking the question, “What else can I do make myself or someone else happy?” allows something bigger to be created. Because when you are happy, you don’t want to be happy alone.


I believe success is living in your zone of genius, living in your happiness and really getting creative around those opportunities. It doesn’t matter what it is. What matters is that you start talking about it and connect to something or someone. Start talking about the things you love to people who are already doing these things. Start really promoting your passion!

Catherine Board

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences, Catherine began teaching and choreographing for all types of dancers including The Silhouettes (seen on America’s Got talent) and being the Ballet Coordinator for an annual ballet competition called Young Artist’s Alliance designed to give young talented artists scholarships. Currently, Catherine teaches ballet and choreographs full time in Colorado. She has been honored to travel and work on the production team for Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Workshops. Additionally, she travels around the world as part of the core team for the course “Being A Leader” developed and led by several remarkable people including Werner Erhard. Lastly, she has now branched off into her own self-expression of developing her own workshop "Creating a New Body/Mind Paradigm" for women addressing self-care and body image.
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