Success for All Beings with Sally Ranney
| Published on 04/15/2016

I spent a lot of my life in the Creator’s Cathedral. And I developed an intimate relationship with the Creation. I saw her resilience, and I lived in her resilience, and the divine patternings and design.


Everything in nature has a purpose; every single thing from the invertebrates in the soil to the polar bears in the Arctic. Evolution is a tricky business, just like it is for us. There’s precision in function. There’s fragility, and there’s the deceptively strong. And so as I traveled around from north to south, from sea to shining sea, the biodiversity on this planet is absolutely awesome, inspiring, stunning, staggering! And I was in particular drawn to trees. And I had one tree that I really loved, and I would lay on the roots, and I would try to hear it grow. And of course that didn’t work. So, one day I had the idea of putting my back against it in a meditative pose. And my eyes were closed, and I felt something shift. And I opened my eyes, and everything was changed. There was no distinction between me and the tree. It was like a Monet painting. Everything was energy. There was no boundary between my spine and the tree. There was no boundary between my feet and the roots.



“We have been operating under a very false assumption, an illusion that we have dominion over nature. It’s flipped. Nature has dominion over us, and it always will.”



What I found was a living conversation with biodiversity. And that is we have been operating under a very false assumption, an illusion that we have dominion over nature. It’s flipped. Nature has dominion over us, and it always will. And we are part of that. But, we bought into the illusion. And so one of the things that I decided to do is to go into the corporate world and figure out, how do you move that around? How do you change that?



So, success. How do you define it?

Live in no harm absolutely as much as possible. Enjoy the creation. Other beings including trees and oceans and fish and whales, they have rights. It’s not just about us humans. They have rights! Nature has rights. Never turn our back on our true nature. Trust. Get into the trust frequency. The rules are different there. Trust the process of life, no matter what it brings you. Be willing to share what you know, your unique self, gently, kindly, with respect.


Be in communion with other beings. It will change your life. It will change your perspective. It will open your heart in ways you can’t even imagine. Do not be afraid of your own strength. Be willing to look beyond your feet to the horizon, and be willing to jump there. And always operate out of love- not anger, not angst, not grasping. Operate out of love.


If we are in harmony with nature and we are together, we’re indivisible. We can do what we are talking about here. We can do it. And in that, we care for all generations, for all beings, because that comes out of it naturally. It’s not something you have to do. It comes naturally. You want to do it. There’s no other way. And so, is this enlightenment? Will this elevate humanity? Absolutely. So, I ask you with all my heart, please please, whatever you do, whatever business, whatever you buy, whatever you eat, do it for all beings.


Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson is a life-long learner, explorer, and creator. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and minor studies in both Spanish and Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness. Emma has developed a passion for creating authentic, awakening media. She's working to find how to create real impact in our every day lives and communities through the use of media. She'll be launching her own creative project, Wide Awake & Dreaming, in summer 2016.
Irth Aingel 05/10/2016
Finally, someone to whom I can relate. My heart is so full right now. Animals strain against their "owners"/leashes to greet me all the time. Even cats have been observed to leave their porch perch to trot over for a quick leg nuzzle as I walk by. Babies constantly reach out to me for hugs and children are always coming up to me to talk to me despite the disapproval of their parent/guardian (naturally I'm a stranger to the adult and I understand completely, always asking their permission first). And adults...well for the most part, they constantly tell me things in a few minutes that they admit they would never have shared with another in a million years. But I also find this connection with nature such as trees, streams, and rocks; even the sun during the day or the pull of the moon and stars at night. I see sparkles of energy all around me, day or night, it makes no difference (yes, I had my eyes and brain checked for possible medical causes just in case but nothing was ever found). So far, family, friends, and other humans I have interacted with don't seem to understand how I perceive the Universe; that all life, from the rock (presumed inanimate/dormant) to the transiting planets and beyond, is connected energetically, even the micro/macro spaces in-between (what I consider to be the Divine glue that holds it all together). Bless you Ms. Ranney for throwing out this lifeline to a child of Earth; a saving grace that lets me know I am not alone in my train of thought. Sincerely, Irth Aingel
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