Dwight Howard Wants You To Give Your Gift
| Published on 05/03/2016

Dwight Howard’s recipe for success calls for all things human: expressing gratitude for even the smallest things, the importance of giving yourself to others, and finding & fulfilling your purpose.



Be Thankful For The Smaller Things…

Dwight learned early on that there is great value in appreciating the smaller things in life. The more thankful you are to the small things in life, the more you will be blessed with. Dwight may be a superstar athlete, but that doesn’t keep him from expressing gratitude for everything he has been blessed with.



Giving The Gift...

Dwight Howard finds himself at his happiest when he is giving his gift to the world - and it’s not just through basketball. He sees his talent on the court as a platform to reach and inspire others. Dwight believes giving yourself to others is just another way of giving charity, and that’s the best thing you can do in life.


“You can feel their energy become greater and you know they’re happier. They’re excited because by giving yourself, sometimes you can give somebody the whole world.”


True happiness comes from taking the time to motivate others to grow and change. By giving your self, your time, and your energy to others, you ultimately make them and yourself feel better, evoking a change so powerful the world has no choice but to change.


“Success doesn’t mean money, it doesn't mean you want to be on TV, it doesn’t mean you want to be famous. For me, success is coming from nothing, coming from the bottom or a bad situation and finding your way out of it and becoming something. To me, that’s success.”


Find & Fulfill Your Purpose

Although some may think success is defined by wealth, power, or fame, Dwight Howard knows the truth to being successful and truly happy is achieved by fulfilling your purpose.

Dwight knows that we are put on this Earth for a reason. Once you find your purpose, you will be able to give back to the world in a way no one else can.


“Once you find that you have a purpose and you have a unique gift, I think that’s when people go out there and they try their hardest to become what they feel like they can become…”


Finding your own unique gift, and understanding that you alone can bring something to the world nobody else can will lead you to attain success and RiseUP.


“Once you realize your purpose, you have a new meaning for life. And life is great, so let’s rise together.”

Elizabeth Flournoy

Elizabeth Flournoy is a Boulder-based jack of all trades with a specific emphasis in business & event management, photography, and graphic design. She has combined her passion for outdoors with her work through managing fleets of boats in the Caribbean, in addition to writing and photographing her adventures in marine biology and sea turtle conservation. Back in the mountains now, she currently is the Project Director for RiseUP The Movie. Her spare time is spent living life in the most outrageous adventures possible from rock climbing to snowboarding, scuba diving, horseback riding, mountain biking, and everything in between.
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