Rise Up to Overpower the Paradigm with Bob Proctor
| Published on 05/18/2016

My world totally changed in 1961. I met a man that introduced me to Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, and he coached me. He was happy, healthy, and wealthy because he had always had money. I was 26. I was always broke. I had no business experience. I really didn't have much going for me. And he said, "That's why you can't win." He said, "If you do exactly what I tell you, you can have anything that you want." Now, I didn't believe that, but something inside me believed that he believed it. And he said, "Your way is not working. Why don't you try mine?"

I used to think if I got some money, all of my problems would go away. And he said, "Well, you can have all the money you want." And I set a goal of having $25,000. A year later, I was earning $175,000 annually. It was such an absolute shock, and I did that cleaning floors! I had Napoleon Hill's book, and I had Ray Stanford- he was the man who was helping me. And that was when my world really changed because one day, I asked myself, "How is this happening?" I've been raised to believe if you're getting a lot of money, you have to be really smart. I know I wasn’t very smart, but I was earning a lot of money. I was raised to believe if you're going to get a good job, you have to have good formal education. I didn't have any! And so I started to question all of my beliefs. I did not think I was lucky, but I didn't know why I was winning! And I made up my mind that I was going to find out.



“There is a spiritual revolution taking place in the world. People are waking up in large numbers, and they're not going to settle for losing anymore… They're gaining and they're taking possession of their birthright which is abundance in all areas of our life.”


I learned something in this search: I came to this shocking realization that most people that are extremely successful cannot tell you why. They have something great going for them, but it's non-transferrable. When we're born, our subconscious mind is wide open to suggestion. Whatever is going on around us goes right into our subconscious mind. That's why we speak the language we speak; That's why we like the food we like. And the winners are doing the right thing: They're following laws but they don't know it. And I started to teach it. I've taught this all over the world. You and I are spiritual beings. The essence of us is perfect. Our spiritual DNA is perfect. It requires no modification, no improvement. And I believe that the title of this film is perfect because that's what we have to do, we do have to rise up! We have to overpower the paradigm. There is a spiritual revolution taking place in the world. People are waking up in large numbers, and they're not going to settle for losing anymore. I think they're gaining and they're taking possession of their birthright which is abundance in all areas of our life. If all the knowledge and all the power in the universe is omnipresent, then it's within me and it's within you. And what we have to learn how to do is release that power. I believe our purpose here is to grow and help other people grow; to rise up!

Almost all our behavior is habitual. So a paradigm is our habitual programming and almost all of our behavior is habitual. If we start to understand that and then start to understand how to override it, that's when we start winning. You see, we have dreams of doing great things but we go to them, we get scared, we back up. I call that when you have to go through the terror barrier. If you don't really want it, the paradigm will win. So you're either winning or the paradigm is winning and with a clear 90% of the population, the paradigm controls what's going on. That's why people struggle for everything they get. So we have to understand almost all of our behavior is habitual. That is the paradigm expressing itself. It controls the vibration we're in. But we can change the vibration we're in! How about all the obstructions? How about all the limitations? They're all programmed into our mind. They're not real at all, they're an illusion. We're God's highest form of creation... He said, "Your way’s is not working. Why don't you try mine?" Now if you're watching Rise Up, if your way is not working, try ours. Rise up! This movie is stirring something inside of you that you want to express. That's the greater side of you. You want to express your uniqueness as a human being. Rise Up is helping you do that. Enjoy the greatness of the moment. Join me. Rise up. Let's keep going in the same direction together.



Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson is a life-long learner, explorer, and creator. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and minor studies in both Spanish and Integrative Approaches to Health and Wellness. Emma has developed a passion for creating authentic, awakening media. She's working to find how to create real impact in our every day lives and communities through the use of media. She'll be launching her own creative project, Wide Awake & Dreaming, in summer 2016.
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